Jeffrey Range is a private member and guest, multi-discipline firearm range located south of Lexington, NE.

Presently offered ranges include:
100 Yard Rimfire Only
50 Yard Pistol (lighted)
75-350 Yard Multi Purpose (lighted)
100 yard Multi-purpose
Lighted Shotgun
1600+ Long Range Tower & Berm

Membership Application (pdf file)

Guest and Event Waiver (pdf file)


Watch out! There are wild things on the range! We have a Kodiak Grizzly Bear, a Bison, Mule Deer, coyotes and other assorted metal targets in store for you at 1000 Plus, LLC.

Here is our 800# Kodiak Grizzly Bear which is 6 ft high and 10 ft long! Founding member Jim Lundgren stands near the Grizzly which is fabricated of military armour steel plate, by Eilers Machine of Lexington.

Reminder: Hunting of animals is not allowed on the Range land. This includes all animals, including deer and birds of any kind.